How It All Started

The year was 1957.

One summer afternoon, Mary Sue (Suzie) McCulloch Linden gathered a group of her friends and summertime neighbors to her ocean front home in Spring Lake, NJ and introduced them to a challenging game and a way of living that has enhanced many lives through the decades that followed. She started the Green Gables Croquet Club, provided the lawns, the equipment and the enthusiasm necessary to learn and play the game. On Thursday evenings there were refreshments, dinner, and sociability at her house.

The Games Go On...

We now enjoy the game of croquet, and the friendship it brings on three full-sized courts in Sea Girt at the New Jersey National Guard Training Center where the sea breezes cool the freshly cut lawns. Our membership has continued to grow with over sixty active and social members. The club’s more experienced players share their knowledge of the game with our enthusiastic newcomers in scheduled instruction sessions throughout the season.

The club-sponsored Invitational Tournament brings players from far and near to our greensward every July for the competition and companionship.

There are also spirited inter and intra-club tournaments every summer.

The traditional social gatherings continue with dinners at The Spring Lake Bath and Tennis Club through the summer season on Thursday evenings. The arrival of Fall brings the annual Black Tie Awards Dinner, followed by the club’s winter tournament and gala in February in Palm Beach, Florida.

Leveling The Playing Field

(Thanks to Teddy Prentis)

Two friends were discussing their favorite outdoor sports, golf vs. croquet.

The golfer explained, “I can play 18 holes in less than 4 hours.”

The croquet player said, “It only takes 75 minutes, or less, to play croquet.”

“I have 12 clubs in my bag so I can make all kinds of shots,” the golfer said.

“I own one mallet but I carry a bag of tricks in my head that lets me make all the shots I need.”

“Well, O.K.” the golfer said, “I’ll take up croquet when I can’t walk 18 holes anymore.

The croquet player thought for a moment and replied, “My good friend, I’ll take up golf when I can’t think anymore.”

The truth is Croquet players do play golf and golfers usually do very well at Croquet. They are not mutually exclusive sports. Everyone, young and old... men and women can play Croquet equally well, and together at the same time.

Croquet offers a level playing field to everyone... in more ways than one!