Ann Ix

Ann Ix

One summer afternoon in 1957, Suzie Linden gathered a group of her friends and summertime neighbors to her oceanfront home in Spring Lake, to introduce them to a challenging game and a way of living that has enhanced many lives through the decades that followed.

Joining in that pioneering group were Ann and Alexander Ix of Spring Lake and Vero Beach, Florida. In the seasons that followed each became devoted to the game and the club in many ways.

Ann, whose passing we now mourn, shared her love of Croquet and its social aspects to meet and create new friends for the game when she and Alex participated in many invitational tournaments. Their participation in those events led both Ann and Alex to become very proficient in the game. He rose to the Championship level and Ann was not far behind in First Flight.

In the centennial year of 2000, my wife, Chris, and I were invited to join the club and in quick order we became friends, and croquet competitors of the Ix duo... once we learned the game with their help on the courts. Through the next decades, Ann and I teamed in many friendly mixed doubles matches against Alex and Chris. The memories of our 90 minute games became valuable learning treasures and happy times for both of us.

Ann’s extensive friendships helped her to reach out to other croquet clubs in New Jersey and personally arranged for yearly socially-friendly intraclub tournaments between GGCC, the Rossmoor Croquet Club in Monroe Township, NJ and the Croquet Club at the Rumson Country Club. Those were eagerly anticipated annual croquet and social events,

In recent times, Ann volunteered to serve once again in key positions on the Board. Her experience and guidance to the club and to other members continued until her retirement from active membership last season.

My personal recollection of the times Ann and I worked on behalf of GGCC go back to the early years of this century when we served together as members of the Board of Trustees for two terms before Ann was elected President of the club. In her term of office a number of valuable advances in our By-Laws and other key changes were approved by the board and the membership.

Today, on our courts stands a symbol of the generosity and affection Ann and Alex felt for our club. Their contribution of the IX HOUSE offers refuge for our equipment and stands as a memorial to them.